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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a whole lotta shorts

You will enjoy this short video starring me and my skinny, knobbly, hairy knees. Step one of making what I plan to be a wicked cool mug, pics of it as the days go by...

Maureen mailed me some kick ass stickers for my bike helmet so Kasey can stop bothering me about not having stickers on my helmet. I will agree that there is always room for more! Thanks Maureen!


Unknown said...

Glad your sales were good!

Today, you taught me about ribs! I never knew.

Do you ever get, like, wheel burn on your fingers?

gary rith said...

my fingers are quite red and worn out all winter long, yes :)

Anonymous said...

Great video! How you manage to talk about making the pot, the shows you're doing and even the weather while you throw a mug is amazing.

Bike helmet stickers....I like it! I see my guitarist friends put them all over guitar cases too. Cheers!

Joyful Things said...

Great video. I was distracted by the cartoon cat on your shirt though - every move you made it looked like the cat was peering over your arms to get a better view! And smiling all the time......

Unknown said...

I love watching your videos. You make it look so easy ;o)
Glad you had a great show!

Unknown said...

hahahhaha! What a great video, I plan on making a throwing video also...and you can guarantee it will be wacky for sure, not classy and elegant like yours...!
I am so glad you and Penny love the stickers. Skulls, that is the ticket!
Great blog as usual, great video, and wonderful photos.
We really love you Gary, really! :)

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