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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christi comes over....

One of those days when you see a boatload of friends and it makes you SO happy. But dang, where was the camera?
Christi comes over yesterday with boxes and lavendar. My rotten French sock monkey Georges Le Soq has, um, certain, um, tastes, and he was digging Christi's footwear. IT JUST SO HAPPENS that Christi is a famous painter and even a famous shoe painter, look at those shoes she did! Georges had to get a MUCH CLOSER look....aren't they beautiful? Something like that could be yours.....later we were over at Maggie and Katie's playing with their dog and table router and FORGOT the camera and we got home and Amy and Dave stopped in with their dog Zippy, and again, WHERE was the camera? You get a warm and fuzzy feeling from your friends, both in the flesh and here on the internets---have an awesome day all of you :)


Susan as Herself said...

That Georges is such a flirt!

Unknown said...

Deucie Watusi! C'est très chic!!! Love those shoes!

Naughty leetle mohn-kee!

gz said...

Haven't seen Georges for a while!!
They are nice shoes too...I have shoe envy !!!!! (and size 9 feet, sigh)

Reverend Awesome said...

Warm fuzzies to you, my friend.

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