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Sunday, July 31, 2011

true story! beagle eats a dead frog haiku

I was driving home the other night, and this is what happened. I wrote it into a haiku:

Frog on nighttime road
Squished under my car tire
Next day? Doggy snack.......

You may need a zebra teapot or something like that. Some nice person asked for me to put one

zebra teapot


Sarah Sullivan said...

LOl...and ewwwww. But so true..dogs will eat anything. Love the zebras!! Sarah :)

Unknown said...

Love the zebra teapot. Really amazing work Gary. I know what you mean about dogs, I hate when ours go outside and snack on "bird poop"! UGH! Why? Why? Why? I brush their teeth cause they are not kissing me after doing way! hahahahha! :)

Unknown said...

Oh, thank God. I thought the squished frog was going to end up on a pot.

Do. not. go. there.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Penny ate it???? Oh my. :)

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