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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

gettin' it onto THE POTS

I showed a video yesterday of forming the bunny cup above. It is going to be awesome. It will have more color when it is done....and I quickly made five more like it!

Me and Penny drove the wife to bagel sale day then took the wife to work, stopping at Cornell Arboretum on the way home. We walked A LOT and she was so hot and tired when we got home...until time for the next walk :) I wanted to show you that it was on my mind, doggies in cars, which is why later that same day doggies in cars got onto pots....everything in my life connects :)


debra said...

So I guess you drive the potter's wheels :-)

Unknown said...

The next step! Got it.

Dogs on wheels is better than dogs on sofas.

Unless they're on the potter's wheel. Which would be dizzifying.

Unknown said...

MMMM Bagels...great photos, love the mugs, but of course they are gorgeous...:)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Penny might be the luckiest dog ever!!!!!

Reverend Awesome said...

I know. Penny has the greatest life! She's a star on the internet, her parents are awesome, she goes to all sorts of fun places. She's got it good.

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