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Thursday, July 7, 2011

"the more I practice the luckier I get"

Arnold Palmer said that, so true! Here is a boatload of lucky items just outta the kiln, speaking of practice! I am at a huge arts fest in Binghamton, NY for a few days. Come see me if you are around NY or Pennsylvania! If you cannot come see me, leave a joke in comments :) I blog at least once a day as you know, but won't for a few days ....


Gary's third pottery blog said...

What goes clop clop bang bang???

An Amish drive-by shooting......

gz said...

but it is the old ones that are still the best!!!!

Joyful Things said...

Did you hear that the government of Newfoundland just bought 50 septic tanks?

When they learn how to drive them they are going to invade Quebec.


I love your pots and your doodles are the BEST! Have a great show.

Knight said...

My grandmother told me this joke.

The lady golfer came in from her round on the course. The golf pro asked her how she did.

"Terrible. I was stung by a bee!"

"Where'd it sting you?"

"Between the first and second hole."

"Well first of all, your stance is too wide."

Unknown said...

What do Walrus's and Tupperware have in common?

They both like tight seals!

Love the pots Gary, and love all the detailing, perfect cousin, perfect! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I got no yokes...but I love that quote.
Have a great show!!!

Unknown said...

I looove your doodle pots! Have a great show!

Anonymous said...

What'd the monkey say when he slammed his tail in the door?

"Won't be long now..."

Have a wonderful show!

Alfred said...

What'd the monkey say when he slammed his tail in the door?

"Won't be long now..."

Have a great show!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

What do you call a parrot in a rain coat?

Polly Unsaturated.

Nice pottery. Have a great time!

lou said...

oh Gary I love the plate with the blue check and the little cuties all around the rim! Lovely drawings. Hugs from Sligo (in the pissings of rain) x

Cheryl said...

A duck walked into a drugstore and said just give me some chapstick and put it on my bill.

Unknown said...

My favorite dumb joke:

Skeleton walks into a bar. Says, "Bartender! Give me a glass of iced tea. And a mop."

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Love all the great new stuff! Especially, the cow creamers (they are creamers, right? Or, are they pitchers?) and the busy bowl with checker in the bottom and animals drawn all along the lip/rim!

I have a couple ideas brewing in my mind because I've been thinking I need to add to my Rith collection. :-D

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