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Monday, December 7, 2009

she has unusally large ears....

Our vet also has a 13 inch beagle (the little and cuter kind!) and she tells us
"Penny has unusally long ears for a beagle" and I would add she is unusally cute and sweet too. And a lot better behaved than the vet's dog, from the stories she tells!
I am a bit of a Christmas minimalist. I let everybody else in the world go nuts decorating. This year we are decorating with 3 Santa Snoopy beagles and a string of lights strung across the ceiling. Christmas is, of course, a celebration of Jesus, and I sometimes think Jesus would want us to keep it simple, hopefully including Santa beagles.

(pottery by Gary Rith)

And you totally dig Bjork's song here, and then the video is, of course totally odd...


Becky Jo said...

Penny does have some cute large ears, but MagPies ears are my favorite part. They're all soft and fuzzy... speaking of soft and fuzzy, I love Maude's slippers. :)

Nicki said...

Did Penny eat a beagle? :)

denis said...

i agree that Jesus would want us to keep it simple.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I bet Penny has not a clue how cute she is or how long her ears are. That is the joy of being a dog. Great pictures.
It is nice seeing that you know the reason for the season too...although I do a bit more decorating. Don't hate me. :)

Jay said...

Those are some pretty big doggy ears!

I'm keeping it simple too. Just a tree. Nothing else.

jimgottuso said...

those ears make her unusually cute... aawwwww

Pauline said...

Love those beagley ears!

Simple is how we do it too, just a little tree.

Michéle Hastings said...

wreath on the door - a charlie brown tree and not much else. very little shopping to do. simple IS best...(for me at least).

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I have to say, this is just my house--people should do exactly what they wish :)

cm said...

I imagine Jesus himself would decorate with Santa beagles.

Emily SIL said...

There was definitely nothing fancy about that manger. And as the story goes, the guests at the first Christmas were the barn animals. So Penny would fit right in. Maybe she'd curl up in the manger and nap along with the baby as she often does with her human companions.

Reverend Awesome said...

1. I saw a live nativity scene yesterday. There was a donkey, sheep, humans. First time I've seen such a thing.

2. Maude's hair is looking ridiculously cute lately. Did she get it cut or does it get curlier in the winter months? Whatever the case, adorable.

3. My decorations. I wrapped clearly lights around my exposed ducts and put up a tiny tree with tiny decorations above my sink. It's delightful. Perhaps I'll take pictures.

Hilary said...

Awww those ears!

kcinnova said...

The first Christmas wasn't a fancy affair. And I bet Jesus would have welcomed a long-eared beagle.

Wep said...

Beagle ears are the bestest. And Penny is CUTE!!!!!

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