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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

nothing more fun than elephants eh?

Let's just say you're feeling a little grey, like the gloom and mist and clouds outside BUT you have to make some elephant teapots. Happiness and light!
Now I gotta make some triple chocolate cookies. Promised the missus. We have a little DEAL going on and NO I am NOT gonna tell you the details you filthy preverts....

(teapots by the man in glasses there)


nickandmiri said...

Those do look like some happy elephants out for a stroll! Coooookies!

Anonymous said...
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Barbara said...

Maude is one smart cookie, and you drive a hard bargain, I'm sure. heh

Pauline said...

Now I am liking the look of those ele teapots!!!!!

ang said...

haha way cool...

Gary's third pottery blog said...


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