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Saturday, December 12, 2009

party at Nance's for Stevo.....

My buddy Steve Gallow is a photographer and today he opened an exhibit at Nance's gallery. Twas a gorgeous day and most exciting and I saw Steve and Nance and Wilson and Donald and Nicki and somebody else who lives on Spring street whose name I forgot but you know that is all the people I can handle at once and THEN I came home and Spike convinced me that I should take a cat nap with him....


kate et jim said...

First??? Am I first???

kate et jim said...

Whew - I had to get that comment in, before somebody came along and swiped my spot! ;)

Anyway - my first thought was...why didn't I think of getting in a little cat nap today! I sure could have used one! Maybe tomorrow.

I shall go over and look at Steve's photos now. Thanks!

kate et jim said...

BTW - you do know that's it's 8:04 pm. Not 5:04pm.

Gallow said...

Polly was the other person's name.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

A party then a cat nap. Achoo! Sorry, I'm allergic to cats. But I wish I wasn't 'cause they're so cool!

Lynda said...

Spike knows!

Nicki said...

Great seeing you yesterday, Gary. I was going to tell you that other person was Polly but Steve already did.

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