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Thursday, February 25, 2016

What Adele and Trump have in common

I admit it, I live far outside the mainstream, hanging around the home studio in Ithaca, which has been called the most liberal town in America.

It is also true that my wife has said I am a positive person.  I am like, REALLY?  Maybe it is true, after all, we will be out walking in 15 below zero weather and I will marvel at the pretty peach and pink sunrise….

But I have to say, there is no way I am positive about everything, no way.
I have a friend who thinks (really!) that Trump is just running to make Hillary a shoo-in for the White House in November.  I don't think there is any way that is true, but it is very amusing.  The truth is I see the pickups with rebel flags driving past and wonder WTF is up with America?  Maybe nothing new.  After all, what happened to the millions of Indians who were here in 1492?  And how about all the Africans brought here in chains?  I am a Quaker with Mennonite ancestors--2 groups killed and persecuted in Europe, but who thrived here. So, it is easy to look at both sides of the American coin, BRUTAL for some, welcoming for others.

The fact is, there are times when the collective psyche is brutal and crazed, and a lot of American republicans seem to be following the footsteps of Germany in 1933--a hateful bully steps onto the stage and they welcome him with open arms.  Like lemmings leaping to their demise off a cliff….I can only hope that Hillary has an easy win.

In other news, speaking of crazy, I have heard the name Adele but listen to rock and roll stations, and just like Beyonce, Kesha, Taylor Swift, Brittny etc, she had never crossed my path, never heard their music.  Until yesterday.  GOOD GOLLY WHAT IS IT PEOPLE like about Adele and Trump?  Are they all flipping' CRAZY?

MY RADIO station, WITH, had an interview with the Cowboy Junkies yesterday, and they were talking about the crazy video another band did, friends of theirs.  It is so good, so sweet, crazy but not CRAZY!!!!!

Have an awesome day :)


Lori Buff said...

I watched a BBC show featuring Adele with friends, they woke me up and sent me home. I have never slept through anything Trump has said. He’s angry, ugly, and a very hateful. He is expert at bringing out the best in people. Adele is an artist making music, it might be dull, it might not even be good, but it’s not dangerous.

Carol said...

Know how you feel - we live in Oberlin (another town vying for 'most liberal'!)

Michèle Hastings said...

If Trump wins the Repub nomination, one can only hope that all the Repubs that dislike him will vote Democratic. I just can't even fathom such a man in the white house.

Anonymous said...

I need to move to Ithaca. The vibe here is kind of conservative for my blood.
I read a lovely piece about your town in my AP class the other day, by a guy named Brad Edmundson.

smalltownme said...

I like Adele but Trump on the other hand, he is awful.

Like the video!

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