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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

emerald flowers on Teapot Tuesday…..

Oh yes, I love the greens….this is a deep jade green you see me use all the time, which I call emerald.  Looks good with the flower shape, hmm?

If you told me my work was deeply influenced by eastern pottery these days you would not be wrong…but as I say, it is a return to where I started in my training 33 years ago….

Dreams:  a weird but triumphant dream late last night.  I was asked to help find a small and sickly child.  He had run off because he didn't like taking his medications and there were woods everywhere.  I was wandering and Cassie, the  yappy snappy dog my neighbors have, was there barking…I followed, and Lassie-style, she led me to a small cave where he was hiding.  Gary saves the day…thanks to a dog..Hollywood style!

Have an awesome Tuesday!


smartcat said...

That green is gorgeous, as is the teapot!

Barbara Rogers said...

Super looking shapes, glazes, and decorations! Classic indeed.

Summer said...

Agree that deep green is very beautiful.

smalltownme said...

I was just shelving Lassie books yesterday.

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