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Friday, February 5, 2016

loving little boxes

Have I said before how much I love little round covered boxes? Not really more complicated than 2 bowls, one atop the other, with a fitted lip so they seamlessly match together….this one has my NEW color scheme of flowers on minty blue… DANG I need to make more of these…
somebody mentioned that they like how my lid is obviously glazed all the way, not  fired together--the fitted part of the lid is on TOP, not bottom.. (later:  it occurs to me this would be nice as a covered rice bowl or small soup bowl, right?  Keep things hot…)

LOOK at this gorgeous old one from, I think Korea or China, the lid fits the other way and probably fired together, BUT GOOD GOLLY I LOVElovelove this !!!!!!

later addition:  look at THIS one 

…and here is a pitcher, also out of the kiln yesterday,  in my new celadon glaze with a new flower design I am trying…have a great Friday and weekend!


Barbara Rogers said...

Your box is amazing, because I bet you fired the lid separately! I've always been told that it wouldn't fit if I did that...but here you've proved me wrong!

Michèle Hastings said...

Such sweet little boxes. You lids fit so nicely.

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