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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

probably best to start the day with a friendly frog teapot...

green froggy teapot

Isn't this a cool teapot?  Glad you think so.  I was fiddling with a bunch of experiments Tuesday…going the right direction, but not there yet, and since there was a lot to think about I saw this on the shelf and wanted to share it with the world, with YOU.  It can even be YOURS from my etsy shoppe! Then you would REALLY have a happy spring, right?

In other news, Spike the cat is nearly over his cold, but like a human cold, it lingers….his appetite and attitude are quite normal, thank goodness.  Who knew cats get colds all the time?  A learning experience, thanks to my vet….


Barbara Rogers said...

Well, she said, Spike might benefit from not having quite such a good appetite...wink wink. Glad he's on the mend. I caught his cold.

bartster said...

Yay, Spike. Love the colors on the pottery.

Michèle Hastings said...

Glad to hear Spike is better.

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