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Sunday, February 14, 2016

ten below zero F outside: cold weather, warm hearts…?

Some people hate Valentine's day. Maybe they are widowed, single, divorced, bitter and twisted or married to an *ssh*le.  Or maybe it is a dozen years of grocery store flowers and waxy chocolate in heart boxes...

We passed through the grocery store yesterday and the whole front produce area was given over to plastic wrapped flowers and waxy chocolates in heart boxes, and the people were SHOPPING. Do the people have no imagination????? MY CUSTOMERS do :)  Which is probably why they buy and give my pots, and I am adding these panda mugs to my etsy shoppe now, on special! (unless you live nearby, you are too late and need to get them for the next birthday, right?)special:  awesome pair of panda mugs sold together

ANYWAY, I love Valentine's Day, as I love most holidays that give me a chance to pass out gifts to milady.  I was counting…we had just gotten together in Feb. of '92…so that makes 25 Valentine's Days in a row.  I do not think I ever resorted to  grocery store flowers and waxy chocolates….and I SWEAR that if I give her a bottle of my favorite booze and some heavy metal CDs that I wanted that I probably also remembered to give her something she might like ;)


JB said...

Congratulations, 25 consecutive valentines days. Thats one strong relationship. A rarity in this crazy world. Well done to you takes two to tango that long!

Barbara Rogers said...

Strange thing happened to your panda mug's too tiny to see the pandas! Love your family portraits...and of course congrats on your romance through the long haul!

Emily SIL said...

Twenty-five straight valentine's days is one heck of a record!

Michèle Hastings said...

Wonderful family photos! I think everyday is Valentine's day for you two. Congrats on 25!

Carol said...

Somehow I missed this post (oh that's right - I have been distracted!)
Love it!!

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