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Friday, February 26, 2016

"If you're not failing…"

I was dreaming last night, 2 biggies:  in the first, Abe Lincoln was running for president and he did a  stunt:  he jumped off the Washington Monument and landed in a tiny little barrel of water.  WOW.  I'd vote for Abe!  In a second dream, I was my adult self back in fifth grade with Mrs. Gilbertson, maybe my favorite teacher.  She was good.  The class exercise was tough for my (nearly) 50 year old self:  she was going to tell a short story which we had to listen to and record on paper, later recopying it neatly and with correct spelling and grammar and edits.  I know we never did anything like this in class, but it was HARD listening to her speak and writing at the same time, being accurate and all that, and my handwriting has always been crappy.

ANYWAY, so I wake up now and yesterday's warm 50s has been replaced by 20s, wind, and snow cover.  Maybe an inch or 2, what is up with THAT?  I saw bluebirds yesterday!  Sure, it is common for us to have snow through April, BUT NOT THIS YEAR!

So, as the Woody Allen expression goes "If you're not failing a lot you're not doing anything very innovative.  I have been fiddling with a different type of handle, to make mugs and teapots with handles that are vaguely bamboo-ish, or at least a little botanical-ish.  I reclaimed the clay from the first efforts (FAILS! But learning experiences).  Now I have 2 good mugs and this teapot, SCORE!  Can't wait for them all to be fired, plus other new ideas….and in other news, I was inspired to take a mug's worth of clay and see what long necked vases could be made with the same amount.  I was, of course, amused to see them tower over a mug of the same weight….
have an awesome day!


Lori Buff said...

Maybe you’ve been hearing too much campaign rhetoric lately and it’s infiltrating your dreams? I would vote for Abe too, even without the stunt.

Michèle Hastings said...

I think you are on to something with that bamboo inspired teapot handle.
There must be something in the air right now... two nights in a row I dreamed about being an adult in school or waiting for the bus to go to school.

Barbara Rogers said...

Love the new handle, can't figure out how you made it. Handwriting that's off the wall belongs to creative people, don't cha know!

smalltownme said...

I dreamed I was trying to get home from traveling somewhere and my flights kept getting rerouted to republican conventions. What a nightmare!

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