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Saturday, February 14, 2015

artists have a VALENTINE's advantage...

Artists have no money, but we have IMAGINATION.  We know that giving the wife a convertible or diamond tiara or dozen roses is all TOO ORDINARY AND BORING.

We know what she really wants, what makes her pretty self SWOON:  new plates and mango tacos!

NOT JUST ANY new plates, of course, but ones we made ourself (thrifty artist count:  $0 dollars spent so far. Lover satisfaction points:  A+.)  And to go on them?  Make some MANGO TACOS in a recipe of your own invention (scrounge in the fridge for interesting ingredients, add a hot pan, combine with a LOT of spice, thrifty artist count $0 dollars spent, again! Lover satisfaction points:  A+).

AND, top all that off.  YOU KNOW she doesn't want to go to the movies, a fine restaurant or a Jamaican beach, what she REALLY wants is to make tortillas with you in your own kitchen (TRUE:  we like making own gf tortillas so much, tonight will be 3 nights in a row)--(thrifty artist count:  again, $0 spent!!!! Lover satisfaction points:  A+)

Finally, of course, is curling up in bed with the beagle and a movie gotten free from the library.  This artist scores AGAIN..... ( Game, set and match--thrifty artist count:  $0 spent, lover satisfaction points:  A+)
Bonus?  Husband is S3XY AS HELL, nearly as s3xyhawt as the wife, right?
 Beat THAT everybody....


smartcat said...

You nailed that one!

Barbara Rogers said...

You are the greatest! Chef, dog walker, pet watcher, artist/potter, and probably lover (ask Mrs. Tastycakes, cause I sure wouldn't know). Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

I'd keel over if D made me a meal like that!
You treated her right, Gary.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Those plates are gorgeous. And mango tacos???? Yes please! I really need to get going with your tortilla recipe. I miss burritos!

smalltownme said...

It all sounds perfect. Those plates are gorgeous.

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