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Saturday, February 28, 2015

12 below: let's give February its marching orders....

(new vases by Gary Rith)
Yes.  12 below.  ENOUGH of the cold.  Snow and 20s are predicted for the rest of the weekend.  It occurs to me that my southern friends may not know the expression "warm enough to snow".  It means that often temps below 10 degrees f are too cold and dry to snow, but when temps go up to 20, watch out....which is very typical March for us.  Some people have flowers growing, we get snow....

I was dreaming just now, horrible dreams.  In one somebody I knew died of scarlet fever and I had to bury them in snow, knowing full well I might catch it and die next. This was followed by visiting friends at a hospital in Thailand surrounded by jungle...and snakes.  I saw an enormous python slither past, and a small 3 legged piglet started following me around.  When I went to enter the hospital grounds, there were 2 small snakes slithering around the entry and I was terrified and called out for help, waking to the laughter of the people in the hospital accustomed to snakes.  I guess I don't mind the cold and snow so much, in comparison, hmm?  Although in summer we have a wide variety of garden snakes hanging around.....

OK, dig these new vases, good stuff, right????


cookingwithgas said...

I'm usually a fan of February, not so much this year.
March on to March.

Barbara Rogers said...

We're about to kick February back to wherever she goes the rest of the year...finally. Love the impressionistic look of your vases. Can't wait till spring flowers grace them for someone!

Michèle Hastings said...

That was quite a dream... I wonder what it all meant.
I am glad to see February gone too, even though we haven't had it as bad as you.

bartster said...

Our warm up here takes until May or even June sometimes. I definitely know what you mean by "warm enough to snow".

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