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Friday, February 6, 2015

a bit arctic....

You hear about the big storms in Boston or Chicago.  Meanwhile, we get a few fresh inches snow every day.  It piles up.  It is worse in places like Buffalo, close to 2 Great Lakes, but we get our share.  What happens is winds blow from the northwest, clouds develop over lakes Erie and Ontario and then dump snow straight down on land within 20 to 100 miles.  It is called lake effect.  The northern side of those lakes, otherwise known as Canada, gets a much smaller amount of snow because the winds usually blow OUR WAY.
I was very glad for sunshine thursday and will complain a lot less when Saturday the muffler is fixed and steel studded snow tires go on the car....driving in snow is SCARY.

In other news, check out this bowl! And....

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Lori Buff said...

I love how you always give us some spring green in the dead of winter.

Barbara Rogers said...

It's good that you're getting your car snow ready...keep safe!

bartster said...

Those bowls are terrific; the color has sort of a soothing effect I think. We also have a bit of lake effect where we live with Lakes Winnipeg and Manitoba to our north and a bit west.

Cassi said...

As a kid, I used to love icicles like that. Now I only love them if they're on someone elses house!

Anonymous said...

You got ALL our snow! We haven't had the snowmobile trails open at all this year, pretty rare.

Caroline said...

Lovely bowl. But you can have the icicles. We are expecting a top of 38 degrees Celcius today, up to 42 by Wednesday.

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