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Friday, February 13, 2015

things lead to things...

WHY YES, that is my little beagle Penny at the bottom of Yogi's diving tackle....they would be quite bored this Arctic winter if they didn't have each other to play with....

I find making teardrop shaped bottles/vases the most meditative thing I do.  I feel cold or tired or generally crappy, sitting there making that classic shape revives me body and mind.
How lucky potters are! It is all a meditation.
The teardrop shape is tricky in some ways, making a closed in top with a fat belly, etc, but it seems that if you follow a certain sequence of a million steps, it naturally comes together for you.
Just like a teardrop forms, naturally, also a bottle of that shape as you go along....

Just below is a vase I made a year ago and gave us.  I was at the florist yesterday with this vase and its near twin in blue, filling them on the spot and the couple who owned the shop were like
"nice vases!"
me "thanks, I made them!"
they "can we sell your work?"
me "why certainly!" which I said because it is a place I like.  I am picky about where my things go, right? And this winter I have been filling the studio with vases and what could be better than placing them for sale in a fine family florist's shop?
Like I always tell the wife "things lead to things".

2 new bottles/vases.  I like a really small opening at the top, but earlier in the week got to thinking more people would like a bigger opening for a bouquet.  So I have been making those too....
have a great Friday!


Barbara Rogers said...

Whow, that vase really sets off the bouquet. Now that's what a vase is all about.

bartster said...

Great motto and wonderful story. I think I'll see if I can find "One thing Leads to Another" (the Fixx, I think) on You Tube. Cheers.

Lori Buff said...


Anonymous said...

That's my favorite shape of vase. Utterly charming no matter WHAT you put in it, even when empty.
Your snow pictures make me feel like it's winter. We only have about 6 inches here.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I think selling real pottery vases at a florist shop is a GREAT idea. Who wouldn't want to get a vase that you'd actually keep and use year after year rather than one of those mindless glass ones that just goest straight into the yard sale bin. Smart people to get on the Gary Pottery Bandwagon!

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