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Monday, February 9, 2015

mugshot Monday and 2 feet on the ground...

(Isn't this cute? Came across this somewhere...)

I fear winter a little less now.  We have an  AWD Subaru but the driving has been scarier lately than usual. We lived in New Hampshire for years and always had steel studded snow tires.  Saturday I bought 4.  They are SNOW BEASTS WITH STEEL TEETH! Really!  Small steel spikes embedded in the tire for traction in snow and ice.  Of course, it was very satisfying to drive off the mechanic's lot with snow and ice falling--if you spend the money, you want to use the product, right?

The wife started asking yesterday if we still have a roof rake.  We have 2 plus feet of old snow on the ground and more falling today.  If you don't rake off your garage or other vulnerable roofs at some point, they may collapse under the weight, or if they don't, ice dams certainly build up.  An ice dam is the back side of a row of icicles along the gutter and roofline--meltwater backs up behind the ice and ruins your gutter and tries to get into your house....winter can be sh!tty, right?
(I showed a pic here on the blog a couple of days ago of our lethal icicles hanging from our roof, and later today I will certainly get more winter pics...)
OH! What does a roof rake look like?  Just a flat bit at the end of a long pole.  Like, 10-20 feet long.  You reach it up while standing on the ground and scoop snow down and off.


So, like I say, LEAFY.
With these I have been in the mood to go medium-small (3-4 inches tall) rather than my usual medium-large mug size (4 + inches tall).  The blue one on the left is medium-large.
And with that, I think it suits a smaller mug to have a smaller handle, not designed for 2-3 fingers but just one.
I gave US the 2 green ones on the we can think about all these ideas....
have a great Monday!


Barbara Rogers said...

Those are lovely...I find I prefer 2-3 fingers in the handle...don't really know why. But I do have a few mugs with one-finger space also!

Trish said...

Great carvings and colours, Gary.. safe with those super tires, something I can understand from here in Alberta..Great days to you .. T.

Lori Buff said...

I once made tires like that for ice racing on Lake George. I must have done something right, I took first place.
Stay safe and warm.

bartster said...

Snow tires often have softer rubber which gives you a nice grip on the road. We tend to drive only periodically, so we have all seasons and hope for the best. So are your mug measurements made when fired or fresh thrown?

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