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Thursday, November 6, 2014

when dreams become reality

Maybe this is one of those posts that non-potters find as interesting as watching paint dry?  because OH YES, potters together talking about pots or glaze will bore you to tears...
But I AM NOT boring, no way..

SO, I tell you yesterday that I was fiddling with some shapes then I had a dream about them, telling me I WAS PUTTING the wrong handle on them (a ring), and to do a different handle (a small strappy loop).  So I woke up and thought about and tried both and HUH!  I think my dream was correct!

Above pic show the first ring handle on the mug to the left, then strappy loop handle on the mug and creamer to the right.
What I am aiming for here is a simple shape, nice and round, with what is for me a very small handle, only big enough for a finger, because, as the picture below shows, it is meant to have hands wrapped around the mug....


Barbara Rogers said...

Cool shape, and I agree with your dream handle...our dreams may just be messages we are sending to ourselves from our subconscious.

smartcat said...

Very cool indeed. My favorite way to hold a mug is with my hand wrapped around it with my thumb through the handle.
Dreams are one of my best creative inspirations!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Clearly, your dreams handled it. :-)

Michèle Hastings said...

Dreams are great! Except when they are nightmares.
The handle looks great.

Hilary said...

It may be for potters, primarily but there's no denying that you have an interesting mug shot. ;)

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