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Thursday, November 13, 2014

mug shot for throwback Thursday....

Lori was blogging about shaving bowls for customers:  a bowl easily held in the hand, used with a brush and soap for men to shave with.  I made this mug 20-25 years ago and it was a favorite of my wife's back then, but somehow I took it over and began filling it with bar soap scraps.  I STILL toss in the the end of every soap bar and use it for shaving!  One of those ancient things used all the time and kinda ignored...until you realize how long it has been in use!

We are gonna see an end to our super-fine fall weather.  That wintry sh!t is coming....but the last 2 days were GOLDEN and Yogi came over to play with Penny...have you noticed that sometimes when other dogs come over to her yard (esp. a big one) she gets up on our Own Personal Stonehenge...just to assert she is King of the hill or Queen of the yard????


Lori Buff said...

Fun looking mug too. Gives you a smile in the morning, I’m sure.

Thanks for the link back.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Gary!!! I LOVE that shaving mug! It's perfect. PERFECT!

Michèle Hastings said...

The cold is going to reach us in NC too... good bye 70 degree days. I am hopeful they will return soon.

It's fun to see how your work has evolved over 20+ years.

Barbara Rogers said...

Hi Gary, Penny and Yogi...and the guy with the soap for brains is a great shaving mug!

Anonymous said...

I remember buying my dad that Old Spice shaving mug back in the day! Men still use those?

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