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Sunday, November 2, 2014

topsy turvy...

So I get up at my usual unGODly hour, 4 something, and start brewing the coffee and breakfast and turn back the 3 something.  I am not afraid of that number, or that hour, but I think later today I will be falling asleep at an ESPECIALLY unGODly early hour... I am lucky, I usually sleep super great then get up early, all excited about the day (does that make me a cheerful optimist.. or a NUT?) It has been pretty damn dark in the mornings of late, so I welcome more morning light, but sheesh! Now at 3:30 in the afternoon it starts getting dark....

Speaking of topsy turvy-HA! SNOW down south yesterday?  Tee hee! ENJOY folks!

I am in day 2, as you recall, of a small 2 day fair in Binghamton at the Unitarian one was good, and day 2 is usually better, because of the captive church audience.  I am super pleased, and hope your weekend is also good.

Of the dreams I can share (HOHOHO!  What does THAT mean?) I spent Friday night making pots in my dreams...I woke up and doodled them out to wonder "is this just nighttime craziness or actually a good idea?".  Sometimes it is not a good idea.  And then last night I was playing baseball with friends...hope your dreams are fun too, have a good Sunday!


Barbara Rogers said...

Hi Gary...our snow has all melted...and it will be warmer today. Whew, what a start to winter.

JB said...

No wonder you get up so early when the day is so short! Our skies begin to darken after 7pm and this will get later as Summer sets in. All the best for your 2nd day at the fair.

smalltownme said...

I am so curious about the dream doodles.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Football an earlier night. Baseball. Lots of sports dreams. :-)

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