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Sunday, June 15, 2014

why do I have to keep going back to high school?

(new pitchers by Gary Rith--gosh I loooooove pitchers! Fat, tall, round, short, they are all good :)

I dreamt last night that I had to go to a new high school and it was huge and confusing and I was lost--I have had this dream a zillion times since I was a teen.
I was telling my mother yesterday about a girl who is  a good friend and neighbor going all the way  back to middle school and high school who asked if I was going to the 30th reunion.
I said "I am not a reunion type of guy, plus we went to school with a lot of sh!theads.  I see the people I want to see".  (besides, as my nightmare dream said, I had moved out of that high school midway for another town)
I wouldn't touch high school with a ten foot pole, nosireebob.... the best part about it is that it makes the rest of life look awesome.

(new pottery by Gary Rith - I thought this a fun pair, sort of yin and yang)


smartcat said...

Yin and Yang pots...nice idea!
Truer words were never spoke about high school!

Barbara Rogers said...

Love the yin/yang vases. Such pretty glazes too. Me too, let's be glad we survived high school.

Michèle Hastings said...

I am with you on the reunions... rather stay home and invite the people I really care about to join me.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Part of me wishes I wasn't going to the 30-year reunion in August. An old "friend" from childhood has been spouting his libertarian/gun-rights-loving lawyer crap all over my facebook page... never comments about other things I post, but dare I post one link about gun violence and too many kids dying and he thinks it is his personal duty to "correct" me in my "wrong thinking"... the a@@hat. He's not the only one but he's the most condescending of the 3 regulars and attacks like a pitbull. I think I will unfriend or block him after August 10th. *sigh*

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have that dream as well….and lets not get started on me forgetting my locker combo!!!

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