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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

teapot Tuesday and a terrrrrrible messsssss....

OK, a couple of things, right?  First "Gary, you said you CLEANED your basement this month...but look at that MESS!".  I cannot disagree, but the thing is this:  imagine how messy it was BEFORE.  My glaze materials remain sprawled all over.  I mix glazes in the basement and store clay there. You can enter from the studio down some stairs or also through a door straight out to the back yard.  I can mix glazes with the door open and then hose off the messy equipment in the yard.  I hate mixing glazes, but love to glaze, so you endure, right?  Even with all the SPIDERS in our 149 year old basement...

Then you have this teapot!  Pretty, hmm?  3 things about it:
1)  I think I need to be careful about decorations all this way and that, I am in the mood to simplify these sorts of things, despite my instinct to decorate the hell out of stuff.
2)  This handle?  Isn't it a lovely cane handle?  I have told you I keep a box of 2 dozen+ handles for teapots, and then choose a nice match when the teapot is ready.  I have had this one nearly 20 years, and whereas there is usually some fiddling to make a good fit, this handle slipped on like Cinderella's slipper... all those years, waiting for the perfect teapot!
3)  speaking of glaze, I may (or may NOT!) have a nice upgrade to this pretty celadon glaze....that is one thing I was doing down in the basement...

Have a great Tuesday!

(new teapot by Gary Rith)


Anonymous said...

love this little teapot....and i hate mixing glazes too....except when it's small batches and it's for testing...that i don't mind at all :)

Anonymous said...

i have no idea what just comment just seemed to disappear...:P

anyway, just to say i love this little teapot...and mixing glazes is definitely a huge pain in the arse, except when it's small batches for testing a new one...that's kinda fun :)

Barbara Rogers said...

LOVE THE GLAZE and love the teapot!

smartcat said...

Nice teapot! I think the carving is just right and aren't you glad you have a pack rat gene? The handle is perfect!
Missed Teapot Tuesday last week; I'll try to get something up this week!

bartster said...

The one thing I like about mixing glazes is I can do my Darth Vader voice when I put on the respirator. Otherwise, I'm with you. The glazes and your technique really enhance the style of throwing and decorating you do. My mother-in-law nearly "appropriated" my favorite mug by you (we'll talk more about that later).

Michèle Hastings said...

I really like that celadon. So soft and pretty.
I am with you on the glaze mixing... messy and then the whole mask thing. UGH.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Love that tea pot! What I wouldn't give to have a basement again...messy or otherwise.

Janet Bunnell said...

" I think I need to be careful about decorations all this way and that, I am in the mood to simplify these sorts of things, despite my instinct to decorate the hell out of stuff."
Boy do I understand that! It's an ADD thing, fight it if you must. I used to paint furniture.. And would end up with more squiggles and swirls than you could shake a stick at!
Ifs hard to reign it in sometimes. You don't need to worry. Your pottery is always in the best of taste with just enough swirls!

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