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Sunday, June 1, 2014

a favorite or 2...

(pots by Gary Rith drying in the sun...Saturday was a busy day, before a busy week! Friday I am featured artist of the month at Sunny Days Ithaca, party 5-8, then Snowbird Cottage opens Saturday on rte. 79!)

OK, like I say:  June 1 = MY FAVORITE day of the year!  For upstate NY, where we can have snow October-May, we are guaranteed 3 great months.  I tell summer "no hurry, take it easy, no need to rush to September".

I was talking about this yesterday:
I am working  with rice flour gluten-free tortilla recipes. At lunch Saturday I tried Bob's red mill basic recipe:  1 cup rice flour, spice and half cup of water.  It tasted pretty good in the end, but they failed my test because I found them brittle to form and cook, very difficult to make with a messy end.  I am glad they tasted pretty good, but NO WAY will I do those again.

SO, as I said yesterday, I have been working on my own recipe.  I made them for Friday dinner, and they tasted very good, but were VERY difficult to cook.  So, Saturday you will not not be surprised to find that I made them for mango curry burritos all over again, that tortilla recipe with 4 changes.
They could not have been easier to cook!  They tasted very good, were flexible and strong and held the topping easily.  SO, they succeeded on all counts. The wife asks "will ya finally post your recipe?" and I am like "I WOULD...but I am still fiddling with the recipe, soooo.... not yet :)"


smartcat said...

Having used Bob's recipe with the same lack of success, I am encouraged to know that it was probably not me. The best luck I've had was with the very first recipe you posted!
What are the wonderful plates you are serving on? The blue is perfect with the colorful tortillas!

Michèle Hastings said...

I can understand your persistence on perfecting the recipe! So many gluten free "breads" are horrible. When stranded at the airport last month I had to quickly buy a sandwich from a kiosk before everything closed for the night. When I sat down to eat it the label said "gluten free roll". It was NASTY! I had to throw away the roll and it only the insides.

Anonymous said...

Gary, this might be too personal, but have you gained any weight since you went gluten free? The reason I ask is my grandson has celiac and he grew after he stopped eating gluten and his intestinal system healed. (He's only 14). His appetite changed too, from being hungry all the time to only eating at meals. He hasn't gained pounds, only inches and feels a lot better. I just wondered what changes, if any you have experienced.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy June to you Gary!!!! Love that funny face picture. :) Have you thought about a cookbook? You come up with the coolest recipes!!!

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