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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Snowbird's Cottage

Carman had the big opening Saturday.  On the outskirts of Ithaca is a new shop called Snowbird's Cottage, it is so cute, thanks to owner Carman's taste in recruiting functional and affordable and ADORABLE arts..... it is like wandering through the BEST OF PINTEREST OFF screen :)

I visited early and bought all her lavendar soap.  I had a call a short time later... I need to resupply, a boatload of MY work had sold and needs replacing already, NICE!  "Karma is a bitch" but it works both ways and it is a generous universe, hmm?  I wonder if my pots would have sold if I had NOT bought all that soap ;)
Have an awesome Sunday!


Barbara Rogers said...

Well of course...lavender soap is equal to cute pots, in the universe of everyone's math.

LS said...

Only when it is lovingly made by me, a local beekeeper and maker of things soapy (and... balmy!). I'm considering expanding into bath fizzles. What do think, Gary? ;)

Michèle Hastings said...

What a sweet place. I totally agree in the karma thing, which is why I often shop Etsy.

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