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Friday, June 20, 2014

"when free isn't cheap enough"

 SO, Thursday is this mega-hectic day.  I have my own work to finish and Nook to walk downtown and Yogi's family needs last minute care for him. (I am a professional potter AND dog walker)
I can do it all!  But I am flippin' beat.  I am nearly done with walking Nook and then back to Yogi (and my  own dog!) thinking "when I get home I just want to sit in the shade out back and rest a bit...which kitchen chair shall I take out?".  And there it is.  On the corner, for free, an awesome patio chair.
I try to stuff it into my trunk.  No go. Into the backseat?  NO.  We have a small sedan with a big roof rack, and bungee cords in the trunk ready for just such a moment.... and so, the chair is MINE!

This is a town with people passing through all the time and it is common to just set out stuff on the curb for people to have free... I know, cool, right?  That is how I have filled my house and garage with crapppp.... and now the back porch.  My neighbor has said "sometimes free isn't cheap enough" .....

In other news, Yogi is like "wow, you let the cat sleep on the kitchen table..."


Barbara Rogers said...

Love Spike on table cuddled next to laptop! Yogi gets walks, and you get a new chair - great find! My studio shelves were left by the road one morning, ta da!

bartster said...

I heard someone say something like everything we need is within our immediate reach. What a find for you! Uncanny you would be thinking about 'which chair' and one would appear! Love the picture of Yogi and Spike...they look like they are having a Skype session with Maude:)

Michèle Hastings said...

Great find! It looks comfortable too.
I had two cats that used to sleep on the table too. I hardly ever ate at the table so I didn't mind. Sophie is much more polite (at least when we are home).

Lori Buff said...

Dumpster diving is the best way to shop. Especially when it's sitting on the curb and fairly clean.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Great find! We're big fans of recycling furniture at the curb.

Anonymous said...

Treasure! Not trash! I've been known to go curb-shopping myself on occasion, so I get it, Gary.

June Perry said...

Very nice haul! Years ago we lived in Ridgewood, N.J, which had a once a year "put anything by the curb and it will be picked up for free" weekend. Half the stuff was picked up by the town and nearby towns residents. I lost out on a bunch of very large Tiffany stained glass windows which wouldn't fit in my Volkswagen bug; but went out later with my friend who had one of those very big station wagons that could hold a 4X8 piece of plywood, and I came home with a wicker sofa and two chairs to go with it. We went out again and I got a trestle dining room table, some great books and even a small sterling silver picture frames. It always amazed me the quality of the curbside discards that people in that town put out once a year. There was some real treasure to find there!

smalltownme said...

Bike racks come in handy for more than just bikes!

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