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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

the GOOD thing about winter

Is that you get to complain!  And grouse and bitch...and bitch some more!  Am I happy that people in the south have had a couple of doses of snow, so that when I complain of snow as a nuisance and danger, not a Christmas card, they can understand?

I heard the other day that there is a 3 mile underground tunnel in Norway, allowing awesome skiing training year round.  You wonder why the IOC is so stupid they hold the Olympics in the absolute warmest part of Russia where it is warm and they have to MAKE snow.  We have so much!  So does the rest of Russia!  Will we see news reports in coming years of THE REAL story, bags of cash being passed around like candy to influence the vote? As a person who has no respect for these particular Olympics and the authoritarian regime sponsoring it (ditto the summer games 6 years ago) I wonder why they don't just use the nice facility in nice Norway, a place everyone likes, a place that is wintry and doesn't beat your head in if you are LGBT OR disagree with the gov't, and does not require 50 billion in bribes and new construction to put on the Olympics...

Anyway, despite the horrible snow storm going on now, a thaw is expected for us later this week. We have had much worse winters, colder, snowier, longer.   And I bet it is like 80 degrees March 10 and 99 on May 1....

Doesn't the wife look cute and colorful here? And above, YEP, there are icicles bigger than me hanging off the roof...


Lori Buff said...

Snow = "the S word."

I agree with you whole heartedly about the Olympics. I would love to hear a good explanation about why an country with such horrible human rights policies, and animal rights policies should be allowed to host the games. Of course we have a few states in the US that shouldn't be allowed to host either.

bartster said...

There should be a midwinter holiday--here's an idea: The feast of St. Sichowinter (read it aloud) that lets us collectively kvetch about the winter and find ways of getting spring to hurry the bleep up already!

Michèle Hastings said...

ditto what Lori said.

smartcat said...

This Winter Olympics figures as sort of a joke in my book. I am not particularly hopeful that the Olympic Committee will get a dope slap and begin to think about going back to cold climates for winter and warm climates for summer.

My question is: What is Mr. Putin so afraid of that he has to arrest people and deny them their rights?

BTW I'm loving the tiny teapots!

Anonymous said...

We just had the same Olympic rant here! Plus, their willingness to compromise excellence in the games' arenas demonstrates how corrupt their motives are. And the DANGER of skiing and boarding in slush! SHAME on the committee!!!
And yes, I am glad the South has a small taste of our misery. We have hot, muggy weather, seems fair they should get frozen and slide around a little, too.

Kimberly said...

Watch the mean cossack horse whip the pretty Pussy Riot performer.

Watch as Bodie Miller collapses in tears as the NBC reporter banters him with dead brother questions.

Watch as stray dogs are rounded up and euthenized.

Good grief... I'll watch Lawrence Welk instead.

Busy Bee Suz said...

THere's no business like snow business....and you are in business my friend. Brrrrrr.

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