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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

when you HELP YERSELF...

(new mugs by Gary Rith)

The kiln opens Monday, hot pots come out.  I am working on a different series of items:  just celadon.  I posted a couple days ago about beautiful Korean celadons:  traditional pale grey/blue/green glaze and in my case, ranging even to jade, turquoise and teal.  I want to make some things that really suit that sort of glaze, something with shape and surfaces that get the celadon to break and shine.

The one in front came out of the kiln and the wife helped herself "that is a test?  Gimme, I want it..." and I reach over and nab the chubby/ridgey one on the right "mine".
I instantly made more of those 2 in the studio...

In other news, I got home from what seemed like the coldest run I had ever taken in my life (22 and windy--I have run in much colder weather) but it had been nearly 40 the day before and I wore the same outfit rather than wisely DOUBLING my layers, YEOW!  I got home to a warm house and tossed my smelly outfit down and....the dog and cat helped themselves to my warm clothes ....


Barbara Rogers said...

Oh goodie, neked potter jokes now!

bartster said...

When a piece of pottery goes straight from kiln to cupboard (OK we wash them first) that's quite an endorsement, right?

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering if you ever claim favorites out of your batches.

Nicki said...

Love these new mugs! The color is amazing!!!

Emily SIL said...

Why is it animals go for the worn-and-smelly clothes or the clean and warm from the dryer stuff?

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