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Sunday, May 19, 2013

if you want to piss off a cat...

Put a sticker on his head!
The wife came home from a rummage sale with that sticker. She got a scale!  We have never had one!
By coincidence, we had weighed ourselves the day before ona doctor's scale, and the rummage sale scale, surprisingly, gave us the same numbers.
Scales can make you obsessive!  Like, "I wonder what I weigh after lunch?  Before dinner?  if I take my shoes off?  Keys out of pocket?  After dinner? NEKKID FIRST THING IN THE MORNING?
Remarkably, for me, I was surprised to find that after dinner fully dressed is FIVE POUNDS heavier than first thing in the morning NEKKID.
More surprising, and this will please the vet, Spike the cat really HAS lost weight.  He looks good! Big, but good.  18.5 pounds now instead of 21.....

"I am accepting donations of TUNA.  Anything else, you can fuggedaboutit!"

"Love.  Please.  Give me LOVE.  And some of those corn chips! Why am I tied up?  I can't get at those corn chips..."

This is why she is tied up.  We have gotten too LAZY to get out our table and chairs....have an awesome day!


bartster said...

The pics. are too cute! Big on the 'awwww' factor:)

smartcat said...

It's great that Spike's diet is working. How does he feel about it?

We like to put stick on bows between the ears on all our furry-friends at any holiday around. They spend time trying to pull them off each other. It's not as mean as it sounds (well, it's a little mean) and lots of fun.

I just bought a scale...oh the eye opening!

Barbara Rogers said...

I just noticed your pretty flamingos behind the parade of elephants (header photo) who live in your garden...flamingos, not elephants. Mmm...mixing phrases is fun!

Michèle Hastings said...

I love your picnic table!

JB said...

I love the "parade" of elephants. They look great all together like that and the garden behind looks fantastic. Spring sunshine puts a lovely glow on all the plants.

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