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Sunday, May 26, 2013

so, like I was telling you, we climbed a mountain and other such adventures....

Yes, you saw yesterday that the wife, beagle and I drove over to western Massachusetts to climb an incredible small mountain, Monument Mountain!  As the wife said as we climbed up an incredibly steep cliff which had a sheer dropoff of hundreds of feet "this is so hazardous, they just let the public come up here, anybody????"
There are WARNINGS.  They tell you repeatedly it is hazardous.  It is also the MOST awesome mountain climb we have ever done, the MOST.

When we lived in New Hampshire and walked, we would count the spotted newts (the NH state amphibian!).  We see them here around Ithaca, but not too often.  We counted 12 or 13 on Friday.

Seriously, the fukking trail goes straight up this rocky MESS?  Yes it does, for a LOOOOOONG ways....everything is well marked.  BUT we got lost once.  We turned back without, um, freaking out....

One view of the top.  I am sitting on a point hanging over a sheer drop down to the valley of hundreds of feet.  I love my dog, but she kept pulling me to the dang edge, it was terrifying.  I sat down and grabbed her.  GORGEOUS, huh?  I set the camera on a rock and used the timer for a good shot of us all, south view, toward Great Barrington.
We THOUGHT we were done with the steep, narrow, treacherous trail....

...until it continued to ANOTHER peak, this view is north to Stockbridge. This is a tiny little saddle of rocks and as I told the wife as the wind whipped across "I am glad it is not colder, windier or wetter than it is, because this is good enough..." Yes, we were in the clouds....

Thirsty beagle.

When the wife was kid she lived in the west, but her grandparents moved from NYC north up the Hudson to a wee little town, with 2 rivers and waterfalls named Valatie, NY.

All that remains of the house is the barn that had been in back.
It was an incredible house, according to pictures.  It burned down after the wife's family sold the place!

The house across the street gives you an idea of how !!!!!!!!!! this area is and what the houses on this hilltop look like....

Waterfalls in the village, that house hangs over them...

This is the street her granparents lived on, cute clock eh?

Frederic Church was one of the most famous painters ever in America, 150 years ago and even still.  He made a fortune from his art and built the BIGGEST BADASS mansion you have ever seen in Hudson, NY, overlooking mountains and the Hudson River....what a place, especially with the flowers like this here in May.
I then dropped the wife at the train station in Hudson so she could go down to see her sisters in NYC.  I had a 4 hour drive home alone with the beagle and the weather and traffic were horrible.  We did fine.  But there was a plane crash and I saw one of the worst truck accidents ever, which had just happened.  The rain and visibility were like a bad snowstorm for a while, and it was nice to get away from Albany and clear sailing after that.  I was at a truck stop and walking back to the car saw Penny waiting for me in the car.  Later she was curled up asleep on the backseat.  It occurs to you later that you damn well better drive carefully when somebody like that is relying on you.
I did.
What a great trip!


Barbara R. said...

Whow, or double whow, or maybe even quadulple sextuple whow!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this inspiring post. I think it is great how you don't let the weather deter you at all. Cold, windy, a little rain? No problem, you just continue on your way happily and are thankful that it isn't worse. Have a pleasant weekend.


bartster said...

All that adventure in a single day! Amazing and such beautiful country. Thanks for posting and providing pictures!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Awesome, what fun! Glad the puppy went too. And I love the back story of Hawthornne and Melville in the previous post!

smartcat said...

WOW! That was some adventure!

Church's house is amazing. I'd love to see some of that tile work in real space.

Very pleased that you and Penny are home safe and sound after a harrowing drive.

Happy week end!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What an amazing and beautiful adventure. The newts?? Super cool. and I think we need to add 'mountain climber' to Penny's resume`.
Love seeing Maude's family home....that must be so bittersweet for her. What a history!

Anonymous said...

What a trip! What a view! Though it would be a little scary to get off the path on a mountain like that.

Sandra Kohlmann said...

What a trip! I can't wait to do more hiking and adventuring with my kids this summer. Though, at 3 years old, we have a ways to go, before we'll be climbing any mountains like that one!

Michèle Hastings said...

what fun! and I haven't seen one of those orange newts since I left NH

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Hiking in Minnesota is just like that! Huge boulders and more hills than expected. However, you are also rewarded with amazing vistas like these.

Those houses are amazing!!!!

smalltownme said...

A great adventure. And thank you for driving safely.

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