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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

comfort food and...pottery!

I have been, as the wife might say, a "mite poorly" for a bit...or as my mom would say "under the weather" (are we not ALWAYS under some kind of weather?  Unless there is a roof..anyway)
I felt great Tuesday.  I have not felt GREAT in awhile and I am used to feeling GREAT.

Plus I have been rushing around for weeks doing way too much STUFF.

I celebrated feeling GREAT Tuesday in 2 ways, one with making COMFORT food!  Heal the psyche with comfort food, right?  What makes comfort food?  Fills your belly warmly, perhaps.
Sorry to be unconventional, but our comfort food feast included aloo rajma (Indian comfort food: curry stew with potato and beans--kind of between American stew and chili, but with curry!)
We also had sweet potato latkes, a variation of Jewish comfort food and roasted peppers and pineapple..because it is TASTY on top of all that and rice with broccoli and tomato...

POTTERY comfort food?  Potters, what is a comfort item for you?  Look at my picture here, my version of work day comfort food:  a very ROUND vase, which the wife really loves, a tall vase which is new for me but I love and I am mastering the shape, plus  as you can see making a pig mug like the one I was sipping from AND a sculpted cow jumping over the moon and a carved teapot on teapot teapot....
OK, does that make sense?  Healing your wounded body and mind with comfy foods and making comfy pots?
Have an awesome day :)

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Sandra Kohlmann said...

Will you come cook for me? I haven't made a decent meal in ages. Whatever this cold/flu thing is, it is not going away and I am not pleased. I love that you've got an art version of comfort food. It makes me miss painting so much!

bartster said...

Pastas, hearty stew, nice coarse dark bread....and my daily comfort is some fresh ground coffee run through my aero press.
Glad your energy is returning and you're feeling great again. We're finding that now that the weather is warming and the days lengthening we're all feeling better and in better spirits.

Unknown said...

Oh my favorite food is really good mac and cheese, homemade, with a yummy buttery, bread crumb topping. I like my mac and cheese with a little hot sauce or peppers in it...oh it is heaven to me. George and I haven't been doing well for weeks, finally getting better.
We heard on our news that it's possibly a Noro type virus going around the USA. Ugh! But we are getting lots better....Beautiful pottery Gary....even though I don't do it anymore I still love seeing your works....

Michèle Hastings said...

i hope you are feeling great today, the food sounds and looks awesome!

Lori Buff said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I woke up this morning feeling feverish, I know where you're coming from.

I think my comfort pots are vases because I like how I can get a little abstract with them, casseroles because it just feels good when they come out perfect, mugs (I love making mugs) 'cos I can play with the forms, and pitchers because they are like a combo of mugs and vases.

smartcat said...

There have been some strange bugs loose in the world this winter and spring. I hope your energy continues to increase.

Summer is coming!

cookingwithgas said...

those sound like fabulous foods for the body.
And the vases- oh, lala!

smalltownme said...

That is a great looking plate of food.

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