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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Georges Le Soq makin' the tater tot chili....

I am trying to figure out dinner and my rotten French sock monkey Georges Le Soq is nosing around, getting in the way. I am like
"George, I wanted to make chili, but I don't have any peppers" and he is like
"ees OK, dere is de carrots and le corn" and that seems OK to me, but he kinda takes over the project, and later I see him dumping RAVIOLIS into the chili. "Forking brilliant" I tell Georges, and he SNIFFS in that dismissive way the French have, and says "you, how you say, have seen noTING" and he turns on the oven.
I am like, "Goerges, wait, what are you wearing?" and he is like "ees new scarf! Found eet on zee sidewalk down by zat blood on zee sidewalk. Ees yellow, my best color"
Later the kitchen smells great, and he is pulling out the bowls and cheapo jug vino, and Georges is like
"ees zee tater tot chili, ees REVOLUTIONARY"


Unknown said...

Mmmm... tater tots... *drool*

k.a. barnes said...

Georges, you are a creative mastermind. If only you would use your powers for good.

Cheryl said...

I think Georges should write a cookbook with all of his fabulous tater tot receipes in it! And a crime scene tape???

Liz said...

Mason now wants tater tot chili. but alas, we have no tater tots

Reverend Awesome said...

At least you're good for something, Georges. That looks Yum City, USA.

Matt Sutkoski said...

mmmm. Tater tots!

Georges wasn't involved in the incident that prompted the authorities to put up the police tape in the first place, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Is it a bad thing to eat tater tots for breakfast?

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