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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

dig the big yellow bowl....

This morning Emily is all casual, like, sleeping on the back of the love seat, and Penny ALWAYS sleeps on the love seat, so she, you know, jumps up there, making a totally cute picture for my ever present camera.

Yesterday Susan is like
"I need a big yellow bowl" and I am like
"so I better make some big yellow bowls :)"


Susan Hasbrouck said...

Wow - I speak, you spin! Yay big yellow bowls in the making! Thanks!

Land of shimp said...

As of yet, we have evidence only of the bowl, good sir, and none of the yellow. Can you be trusted to render said bowl yellow? I think, no I know, that you can.

I like that the stuffed toy dog is all, "What? I live here. Yup. Not doing anything. Not even shedding, but do I get a caption? Never. Around here, you have to poop to be caption worthy. They should be glad I don't, after all I rarely move from this couch, you know. That would teach them something about the perils of the paucity of captions. That it would."

I'm not sure what the bowl would say.

Unknown said...

I like big bowls and I can not lie. ;)

Jill Brown said... other brothers can deny....

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I know, where's the yellow???? PROMISES PROMISES!

CiCi said...

Well, it looks like you got a good start on the big yellow bowls.

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