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Sunday, September 30, 2012

last day....

You know if it is a pretty day at the end of September you have to have a little party...and we did....and Penny and Spike were given toys! Of course, Spike had to take Penny's ball....


Barbara Rogers said...

So last day for what? Love the animal action are a good photographer, as well as cook!

smartcat said...

Too rainy for a real outdoor grill celebration on the last day of September. We are going to eat lobster anyway.
We bought new catnip which we forgot to put away! Found KikiLaSois walking around trailing the shopping bag she got tangled in with a bag of catnip in her mouth. Winter was trying to get it away. She loves catnip too! G figure!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

as I said, last day of September :)

Barbara Rogers said...

Well, you figured out something to celebrate that I was completely oblivious to...thanks for sharing. Now I know I'll be celebrating the last day of Oct!

Emily SIL said...

That Spike is such a prankster!

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