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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Like watching paint dry.....

You can see the "calming cream" paint starting to go onto the house details....the green has a specific name that I prefer to call either "spring green" or "celadon" or even "Spike", because we are painting our house to match our cat's pretty green eyes...which also, as you know, inspired me to make a glaze color to match his eyes...

SO, as you keep hearing me tell it, our purple house is being painted a pretty spring green with cream detail and....well, you'll see.  Enormously tasteful and beautiful, not a common 4-part color scheme, but balanced and pretty and very cheerful without screaming LOOK AT ME!

Stephen here, as you know, had painted it purple 7 years ago, just before selling to us.  We enjoyed living in a purple house, but it is time for a change.  His wife is over yesterday and tells me "he came home and said the new color scheme is so bland!" and she soothed him saying "wait until its done, you'll see, Gary has a good color scheme here...."

When you live in a bright purple house with yellow wasabi and deep purple accents, people NOTICE. People think you are gay, or an artist (I am!) or a hippie or whatever, it gets attention.  I prefer the idea of an unusual but harmonious and pretty color scheme, which is what we are getting.

DOZENS if not hundreds of people have said "but I liked that you lived in a purple house!" or "I loved that color!!!".  NOT A SINGLE one of them has painted THEIR house purple.
So, we loved it, but time for something new.

In other news, YES, it is s super busy work week, groovy fair for me this weekend, fired the kiln yesterday with what looks like super-fine results! Before and after....

Those famous green eyes.....and that famous chubby po-po.....


smartcat said...

Your house is going to be like one of your pots. How cool is that. Perhaps you need A GREAT BIG GODZILLA in Gary colors on your porch.

Love he doing kitty stink-eye?

Emily SIL said...

...and that famously uplifting stare!

Barbara Rogers said...

When an outstanding person lives in a house that isn't the thing that catches everyone's attention...well, you do the math!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The green matches spikes eyes...the cream matches his belly!!! :)
It is looking wonderful.

Knight said...

If I had a house I would paint it purple. It's eclectic and memorable. I think your new colors will be soothing and beautiful. It's a big life change.

Silvia Wilson said...

It's one thing to see a purple house and say "How Cool!", but I'll bet it gets tiresome to come home to it after a few years. Makes me think of the last line of the old "purple cow" poem.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Isn't painting great? (especially when someone else is doing it) It's one of those instant gratification projects. The new colors look gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product. (oh, and my friend Karl's house is green with 3 shades of purple trim...very cool.)

cookingwithgas said...

so pretty! Love the colors!

red dirt girl said...

Looking good over here !!!


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