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Monday, September 10, 2012

life in the fast lane....

You probably think that me and my friends are the fastest people on earth, blazing over and around the hills, mile after mile. You would be more correct if you thought of me, Stev0 and Ray as 3 turtles chasing beers. Yesterday Ray and Stev0 come over late in the afternoon to do MY course. I am like "You guys want to run the easiest 4 miles of your life or would you rather do 4.5 miles with a huge hill in the middle?" Ray is like "ooof, I was kinda thinking 4 would be good" and Stev0 gives me the solemn look "I havn't run since that race Monday, 4 is fine.....". We DID eventually catch those hard earned beers, hiding in my fridge...


smartcat said...

Friends and beer...looks like a good day!

Lori Buff said...

Maybe just a run to the liqueur store.

Julia said...

Here, we skip the running and head straight for the beer. We are all about time management. LOL

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