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Sunday, July 22, 2012

short order.....

Short order, ha!
I didn't get the usual action shots at the salon, but Friday evening the wife and the cousins were with me at the Viva happy hour...and then she and I had the hair appt. at 5:30. That is, I must say, a good combo:  some beer, some burritos, some cousins then some hair cutting! Michelle did the usual magic with our hair, as you see on the wife here the next day.  Curly!
I had to make the exploratory trip to Binghamton to view 2 possible stores for me.  One I liked one I did not, but we BOTH liked Danny's Diner!
Badass mugs below by me......


smalltownme said...

That diner looks really cool.

Lala said...

Hi! Just came here on a link from Mrs. G's place, and thought I'd say howdy. What fun pottery and creations - 'specially the dragon!

Julia said...

Love the skull mugs (awesome as usual)!!

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