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Saturday, July 7, 2012

July fest, part ONE

You will know by now that I am in Binghamton, NY at July fest. friday was quite awesome! I am driving back there shortly and perhaps I will see you there, downtown, on Washington St?


smartcat said...

Nice looking set up. I like the new yellow. May you sell many pots and have a very light load to bring home. Were you able to leave everything in place or do you have to set up every morning?

Vicki Wenderlich said...

we didn't know about this fair the years we were in Ithaca - when we get back to going up there for the summer we will definitely have to find you at the Binghamton fair! The butter yellow is a good tone, definitely an improvement over the yellow of last year - this one is the same shade as the teapot set over on the right!

Michèle Hastings said...

i definitely like the new yellow, it compliments the blue table and your blue pots, beautifully.
wishing you lots $$$$

Lori Buff said...

Great looking booth, best of luck with the show.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Holy cats it is a great fair! 2 days down and one to go :) We are able to leave the setup overnight, YES, just button everything up and leave for the day!

JB said...

Great looking stand. You are sure to do really well and being able to leave it set up would make it much easier. 3 days sounds like a marathon to me but so long as you go home with empty boxes and full pockets it will be worth it.

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