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Thursday, May 19, 2016

what was I THINKING?!

In 1993 I started growing a 'stache, which I wore for ten years (surprising the happy wife who had never said anything against it, but….).
I grew this thing because I was about to start teaching high school, and even though I was nearly 30, looked younger than the students.  Plus I had loved Magnum PI when I was a kid.  This pic was taken outside one of the dorms we lived in while teaching (it was a boarding school) and was posted in the yearbook…which I happened to be faculty advisor for.  Petey is our little dog there, Jack the lab….this pic from 1996.

Feast your eyes on a couple of my pigs and planes, cute, eh?


smartcat said...

Flying pigs! YES!!!

smalltownme said...

Is a mustache for men the 902 equivalent of big hair for women?

Michèle Hastings said...

My brother in law had the big "stache" for many years, can't remember when he ditched it.

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