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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Shortchanging readers: falling down on the job?!

This week I have let you down! I take photos of everything, right?  But I have been so pottery obsessed I have forgotten to get pics of everything else, because I KNOW you are dying to see my every last boring task….

For example--a wrecked bike was left out front of our place a month or 2 ago…the sheriff was called, came over, and when asked if we could keep it if the owner didn't call said we could just keep it in the garage and they would call if an owner surfaced.  An owner did NOT surface, and the "wreck" turned out to be an ugly duckling--I replaced the tires, tubes and seat, tuned up the brakes a bit, washed it, washed it AGAIN and holy CATS the bike is awesome.  I could see under the grime and mess that the chain, shifters, frame, etc (the bones and mechanism of the bike) were all in great shape, and it is a Trek, so I figured it was worth the work (and money for new tires, etc).  So, for very little cash and a very satisfying reclaim effort, the bike is nearly new and MINE! I should have gotten before, during and after photos, WHAT WAS I THINKING????????

And then yesterday we took it out for a long spin (one reason this bike is welcome is that the wife REALLY likes my bike, the previous one, so the new one keeps us all happy) and went to the museum at Cornell.  HOLY CATS after we looked at the Rembrandts (yes, Rembrandts--special print show) we were wandering the basement a little and found the most extraordinary collection of juicy, sumptuous, delicious Korean celadon pots I had never seen there before….they have quite a few on the 5th floor, which I know, but now display more in the basement, and HO BOY that is my FAVORITE type of pot (see above) and you know I am making my own versions of them (see below)…but where was the camera???????????? Then walking out we passed the wonderful Japanese garden in full bloom and WHERE WAS THE GAWDAMN CAMERA?

I gotta get back into the game :  Have a great day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I adore that you kept the bike and it turned out to be swell after you gave it a scrubbing. Good for you!

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