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Monday, May 30, 2016

a day around the house with a BADASS snake...

Well, I didn't spend the WHOLE day with the snake.  Actually, I kept my distance, until I needed to poke around in the garage and took a broom to encourage him to eat mice and bugs somewhere else for awhile.  As I told the wife "you THINK it is your garage, but we just pass through a couple times a week.  The snake is there all there time…he KNOWS it is his garage…".  Harmless.  But still.  Big.  With friends and relations, as one of these pictures shows….

Some of my potted flower seedlings looked a little anemic out there in front of the house so I bought some potted flowers.  Then we got an enormous and damaging thunderstorm…funny how it works--many seedlings stand up tall and strong and some are DEAD.  The natural world can be a tough place….


Anonymous said...

That's a serious mouse-eater you've got there! Dang! Your yard is so pretty.

bartster said...

Floral inspiration for under glazing! I think if I saw a snake that big, I'd run for it and ask questions later.

cookingwithgas said...

Nice snake!

smalltownme said...

Everything is so pretty. Even the snake, as long as it leaves you alone.

Caroline said...

What sort of snake is that? Pretty much all snakes around here are deadly, but that looks bigger than any I've seen. The most common snake in our area is the eastern brown snake.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Snakes are good at a lot of things; scaring me is one of them. Not sure what flavor yours are. We have black racers that are harmless. Best of luck with your lovely flowers!

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