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Thursday, May 12, 2016

the wee road trip...

I needed to get some fresh pots to the Cooperstown Art Association, about 100 pretty miles away.
They have classes and exhibition space and a shoppe with my pots 24/7, and will be rearranging all this soon….and as you see here, they are also tearing apart the front of the building! (maintenance, restoration)  It is a gorgeous stone and columned building with the town library and offices too, and the brick house pictured below across the street…Cooperstown is a beautiful marvel indeed….

I realized driving over that I was grumping and complaining too much, it started because of all the Confederate and Don't tread on me flags (YES, upstate NY is the northern end of Appalachia, having more in common with Alabama than Greenwich Village) and that sh!t makes me furious.
I resolved on the way home to enjoy the pretty day and flowers and sights and GOOD GOLLY that was a pleasant good idea :)


bartster said...

Traveling companions must help too. What lovely scenery.

Michèle Hastings said...

Everything is green and blooming. Yes it's better to focus on that than the other annoying crap.

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