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Saturday, May 28, 2016

the hail Mary pass in gardening...

I am just awful with plants.  They either thrive or they don't, getting very little help from me.  I have not the patience for it, therefore avoiding gardening, except my YEARLY HAIL MARY pass with the tomato seeds…and sunflowers, basil and cosmos.  Those guys do OK with me.  (well, the tomato plants always start OK then die a horrible death…it is true! I write about it every August…)

I think these tomato plants have a good chance.  The neighbors have these badass cherry tomato plants that come up every year and tomato blight, a big problem here, never touches them…and it has been years since they planted those things!  The plants are so tough and fecund they seed themselves and grow beautifully.  OBVIOUSLY it was worth trying to save some of those seeds, and so far this year they look pretty good.  I also saved a few seeds from an heirloom plant I had last year that wasn't 100 percent killed by blight…maybe it will produce a few….
as for the flowers, it got to be a big mess and I ended up tossing half the seedlings into a mass burial…I mean, I dug a trench, planted and watered them and told them I had done my best (which isn't much). Everybody got some stinky plant food which the dog always tries to eat, some water, then in the evening we had the nicest little rainfall, which may just help them on their way….


bartster said...

The elephant watering is should make up for bad weather or soil, whatever.

Michèle Hastings said...

Wishing your little garden the best of luck this year. I am enjoying planting a little at a time. We will at least have flowers and herbs this year.

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