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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

every day should be...

Forget Christmas as your favorite day or even your birthday (unless it happens to be as perfect as Monday).  EVERY DAY should be like Ithaca yesterday:  82 and sunny, a little breeze, no humidity OH BOY!  And the wife was home too!  And our neighbor had a garage sale…where EVERYTHING WAS FREE (we didn't bring home too much useless crap) and I only saw the Godzilla snake once, and we made burritos for the 7th day in a row (I was practicing making a new brown rice tortilla recipe I like, this sucker is YUMMY). So, a perfect day, they should all be sweet like that.

AND HERE is a new trio of jars just out of the kiln, I am rather proud of them :)


smartcat said...

Beautiful jars! Love what you are doing with your designs!
We had a ton of rain all day so it was just as well that we didn't plan anything!

smalltownme said...

What a great day! I love the no humidity part! Viva el burrito!

Michèle Hastings said...

7 Days of Burritos... how awesome is THAT!!!!

Summer said...

Such great shapes!

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