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Sunday, May 8, 2016

the paradigm shift...

(MY spring green celadon with underglaze decoration)
SO, like I was saying yesterday, a year and a half ago, after a dream saying I should try to make flowers on pots, I have experimented with many ways to do so.  I have also been greatly exploring green glazes and gone back a bit to my earliest training, which involved far-eastern pottery from Japan and Korea and their jades and celadons.  Mmmmmmmm, I love jades and celadons, and you see me using more than one of those green tints.

ANYWAY, one thing some far-eastern pots might have is a pattern or design or drawing on them, either carved or painted, for example, something so subtle you may not really see it until you get closer to the piece.  I LOVE that. Works like that is where my training began in the 1980s. But since then I have spent years making pots that hit you over the head with a funny aspect or contrasting pattens or colors or animals, and although I will revisit those ideas at times, I am so excited to be trying this underglaze idea….
stunning Korean celadon…sometimes you read about pieces like this and find they are from the royal kilns…YES, this work was so important to Korea hundreds of years ago the royal court had potters working for them...
another stunning celeadon...


smartcat said...

So different and yet so you!
Beautiful work!

cm said...

I would like to live the kind of life where on a summer afternoon, around 2 o'clock, I stop and have a cup of tea, a bowl of berries with whipping cream (not whipped, mind you, straight up), and some scones, all on those dishes.

Michèle Hastings said...

The flowers on your pots look so lacy and delicate. A perfect set for a fancy luncheon.

smalltownme said...

Lovely subtle beauty.

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