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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"redneck woman in a monster truck..."

This is ALL true, folks, even here in NY state...which has downstate and NY city, and it is Alabama all the way up to Canada...excepting for our little college city, it is all country here...

The wife and I are walking the dog yesterday evening and I hear it long before I see it and I tell the wife:
"I want to see the guy driving that monster truck" and it is the red monster truck with Louisiana plates we see parked at the apartments on the corner, with huge, fat, nubby tires, a Rebel Flag in the window and (the icing on the cake!) mud all over and an ATV in the back.

And it is NOT a guy at all, silly me and my assumptions! It is a redneck gal....which inspired me to sing a little song (SURE, I had a little sip of wine with dinner, inspiring much hilarity...)

REDNECK WOMAN IN A MONSTER TRUCK, an original composition as sung by Gary, sung to the tunings of DEAD SKUNK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD...and go to comments to add your own lines! This song could go on forever....

"Redneck woman in a monster truck, you got mud all over and you don't give a F**K!

Cause redneck woman in your monster truck, you drove across the swamp and you don't give a F**K!

Redneck woman in a monster truck, you gonna drive your ATV and you don't give a F**K!

Redneck woman has a monster truck so you know she's not gonna get stuck, so she don't give a F**K!

That redneck woman ain't after duck, too small to  give a F**K!

That redneck woman gonna shoot a buck for dinner out there off-season but and she don't give a F**K!

Redneck woman ain't got her deer, all she got that day was muck, but she don't give a F**K!

Redneck woman got slim jim for dinner and a lotto at the Quik Stop, she ain't got no luck but she don't give a F**K!

Redneck woman in a monster truck heads home that day "shit, I ain't got no luck but I don't give a F**K 'cause I still got my monster truck"

You may think that this piggy cup and saucer I made would delight any redneck...or anyone! On sale now at my etsy gallery (click here!)

piggy cup and saucer


Lori Buff said...

HAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh to get my day started.

Barbara Rogers said...

You're in for it now...all us redneck women with monster trucks are not amused...but then again...since we probably don't really give a...

Hilary said...

That cup/saucer is cute. So is the header photo of Penny.

Elaine said...

Hey, she was probably from my neck of the NY woods! Great song.

Anonymous said...

That would be a monster hit around here, too!
In fact, you kind of described most of the traffic in our high school parking lot come to think of it...

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