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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

KILLER pumpkin pie and the reason why....

(GORGEOUS weekend at our house)

OK, it is a pretty good story:  the wife grew up with her grandmother living with the whole family.  I was lucky to meet her at her 90th birthday and beyond....I remember arriving at the house the day of that birthday party and my SIL unloading one pumpkin pie out of the oven after another.  Her birthday fell on Columbus Day weekend, and her favorite was pumpkin pie....and as much as my wife LOVES anything rich and tasty, pumpkin pie is also a favorite of hers.

I don't eat many treats and havn't had a dessert after lunch or dinner in a very long time.  I ate a box of raspberries yesterday, that is my idea of a treat.  BUT I am into the New Englander idea of pie at breakfast! So dang CLEVER, coffee and pie first thing in the morning!

I surprised the wife with this pie yesterday, because we always celebrate her grandmother's birthday. I make a SUPER TASTY GF pie crust with rice flour (not my recipe, but great gf pie crust advice if you click here) and a pie recipe without dairy using coconut milk (in my recipe, instead of sugar you use 3 TBS maple syrup--so the pie is not a sweet, but rich as hell!).

BONUS: the house smells LIKE HEAVEN for the whole day!


smartcat said...

It sounds heavenly! And looks pretty too!
Those are some cool mugs you showed us yesterday. I like the way the glaze breaks on the red one.
You must be exhausted after your very busy weekend.

Michèle Hastings said...

pumpkin pie is my favorite! i think i can smell it from here.

Lori Buff said...


cookingwithgas said...

Sounds tasty.

Emily SIL said...

Thanks for this post! I celebrated the eve of Grandma Beth's birthday last night by ordering a slice of pumpkin pie at the Hurley Mountain Inn. It was heavenly, and I may just have to repeat that celebration here in nyc by baking your version. I remember baking a lot of pies for Grandma's 90th. I love how you've kept up the tradition. I also see that once again, Penny and Spike edged their way into the background of your photo. Grandma would've loved celebrating with her furry great-grand dog and cat, too.

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