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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Open studio! C'mon down...

Whoa, how did we get here?
This is always a fun weekend.  I had been on the Ithaca Art Trail before, which is a countywide effort with maps and webpages, but it costs hundreds of dollars.  And a)  people would come looking for a snack...not always the buying public, you know?  Speaking of which b) even school groups came over and crammed into my studio...not exactly the buying public either.  Which brings us to c)  when you have spent hundreds of dollars on these things, you have a pretty HIGH ANXIETY LEVEL because that is a LOT of mugs to sell, just to break even.

SO, these last few years I have done my own off-Broadway production. It a)  costs me nothing! and b) I only tell people I know, friends and customers.  This reduces the c) psycho-killer off the street factor and d) it is a nice, fun, no-anxiety weekend where nice people stop by.

11-5, today and Sunday, 540 Main, Etna, NY!


smartcat said...

May all your shelves be empty by Sunday night!

Barbara Rogers said...

Have a great time, and lotta sales, Gary!

Emily SIL said...

So pretty!

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