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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

party like it's....1990....

(my graduate school ID, I graduated in 1990)

I just saw that today is BACK TO THE FUTURE day... I was not a fan.

BUT I was dreaming last night that the wife and I went back in time to a shopping mall. (why do my dreams send me to a shopping mall????)
There was more crime, so a person would be more alert, maybe, than these days.  And the Gap and Banana Republic were big deals, and we were giddy to see them again in their heyday....also a big deal was a very successful bookstore. While I waited for the wife I read a magazine...not an unusual practice even now, but the ONLY option back then.

I have been very fortunate in many things, but do not live in the past and don't want to go back, except I wish I was a nicer and less confused person.  But maybe that is the goal of life:  always try to be nicer and less confused!

Groovy new teapot came out of the kiln Tuesday.  I told you a couple of weeks ago about this decorating scheme....which also came to me in a dream.... have a great Wednesday!


Lori Buff said...

Nice form and the handle is great.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh I just saw the little black/blue spots too! This shape is new to me...but looks close to coffee pot. Not that anyone brews coffee in a pot. Well, maybe they want to serve it in one!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Barbara, there is hope for you coffee purists. Brewing coffee in the pot has become a hip thing again except now they call it a "pour over."

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